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Team News 26 Nov 2021

RGC have named the side for the final game of the Indigo Premiership Cup group stage.  It will go down to the wire, as both RGC and Pontypridd are looking to clinch a qualifying spot to go into the QF.  Whoever wins will go through, so it is all to play for.
RGC v Pontypridd
2.30pm, Parc Eirias
15.  Afon BAGSHAW
14.  Zach CLOW
13.  Tom HUGHES     Captain
12.  Danny CROSS
11.  Rhys TUDOR
10.  Sam ROGERS
  9.  Efan JONES
  1.  Joe SIMPSON
  2.  Brodie COGHLAN
  3.  Pedr JONES
  4.  Billy McQUEENEY
  5.  Andrew WILLIAMS
  6.  Dan OWEN
  7.  Ethan FACKRELL
  8.  Jordan JONES
16.  Rhodri KING
17.  Jessie WILLIAMS
19.  Ilan EVANS
20.  Samuel HUGHES
21.  Tommy ELLIS
22.  Dion JONES
23.  Rhys WILLIAMS