2023/24 Fixtures

2023/24 Fixtures

Indigo Premiership



09 – Sept Cardiff (A) 

16 – Sept Newport (H)

23 – Sept Bridgend (A) 

30 – Sept Ebbw Vale (A) 


14 – Oct Swansea (H) 

21 – Oct Llandovery (A) 

28 – Oct Aberavon (H) 


04 – Nov Neath (A)

11 – Nov Carm. Quins (H) 

18 – Nov Bridgend (A) 

25 – Nov Merthyr (H)


02 – Dec Pontypool (H)

16 – Dec Pontypridd (A)

23 – Dec Free Weekend

30 – Dec Cardiff (H) : 



13 – Jan Ebbw Vale (H)

20 – Jan Swansea (A) 

27 – Jan Llandovery (H)



10- Feb Newport (A)

17 – Feb Aberavon (A)


02 – Mar Neath (H) 

09 – Mar Carmarthen Quins (A) 

23 – Mar Bridgend (H) 3pm

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30 - March - Merthyr (A)



06 – Apr Pontypol (A)

13– Apr Pontypridd (H) 

20-April Neath (A)

27 - Pontypool (H)

5th May Swansea a


















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