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Need for Accuracy

Need for Accuracy 19 Sep 2019

Llandovery Away on Saturday

RGC look to make it two wins out of two in the Indigo Group Premiership, as they head to Llandovery.

Assistant Coach Latham Tawhai knows it will be a tough test against a team that finished last season in 2nd place.

"Last week’s game highlighted the importance of being accurate and disciplined, particularly when you come up against the Cup Holders in Cardiff. They are a very clinical side and make you pay if you give them any sort of chance."

"Momentum is another telling factor that people speak of a lot as it can have an effect on your mindset, which in turn affects how you play the game, how hard you work and focus so yes it does have an influence on things."

"How you get it and keep it when it’s going your way or how you change it when it’s not can come down to experience."

"We worked so hard to get back into the game after going behind early only to take our foot off the gas for just a moment, and Cardiff came right back at us. So a bit of a learning curve for our young squad which we’ll aim to improve on next time out."

"There are plenty of lessons to be learnt from victory and defeat. I thought we scored some very good tries on the weekend and I doubt many teams will get four against Cardiff this season, so that’s obviously a positive. We’ve also identified some key areas we feel we need to be better to give ourselves the best chance of performing well this next weekend.

"Very few teams win away at Llandovery but fortunately for us, we experienced victory there last season so it all makes for an exciting game."