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Team News Quins: Efan Hits 100

Team News Quins: Efan Hits 100 28 Jan 2022

Efan Jones Joins 100 Club

After his  2015 debut at Merthyr, Efan will run out for his 100th appearance against Carmarthen Quins tomorrow.

The scrum-half has been a big part of RGC’s and he progressed from the Academy to the senior side in the Championship to the Premiership over the past number of seasons.

One person who has both worn the 9 shirt and coached Efan is Josh Leach “Congratulations to Efan Jones on reaching his 100th Senior game for RGC.

Having watched Efan play RGC age grade, it has been exciting watching him develop to where he is now.

He has always trained hard to better himself, and for some years now he’s been a central part of the team and one of the most respected lads in the club.

I hope the team can put in a big performance this week to help him celebrate his achievement tomorrow"



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