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Saul Nelson - Thoughts on Mens U18s Season so far

Saul Nelson - Thoughts on Mens U18s Season so far 2 Feb 2023

Men's U18s Head Coach Saul Nelson has had a chance to look at the run of games and performances for the Men’s U18s and can see the improvements being made by the players -


“The step-up to RAG rugby is a jump and looking at the performances and result as a coach you can ask yourself plenty of questions -


Are we competitive – yes

Do I want our concentration levels higher at key times – yes

Do I want us to compete for longer in the games – yes


If we pin our hats on results then we are doing the boys a disservice.  We are preparing them to perform and you can see the effort they are putting in.


Winning is important and we all play competitive sport to win, and that win can make a huge difference to training after a good result. But it is also important not to be downtrodden, as we know where we are, where we need to be and the process on how to achieve it.


We are learning and improving the aspects game by game – out transition speed needed to be quicker against Scarlets and last week it was against Cardiff.  The control around the set-piece has also improved, so you can see the effort on training transferring onto the pitch


As a group we are heading into games being better than we were the week before, will we make mistakes – yes we will, but we are learning from them and we are making improvements.


Mens U18s face Dragons RFC on Sunday 2.30pm at Ystrad Mynach