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Ponty Preview

Ponty Preview 9 Jan 2020

RGC Head to House Of Pain

Coach Josh Leach has highlighted the need for the players to perform against Pontypridd on Saturday.  RGC will be looking for a 1st win of 2020, after defeat last week to Llandovery.

 "Looking at building on what Harri Evans said last week we need to build on some consistency in our performances.

Of course we are disappointed with the Llandovery result.  It wasn’t the fast open game of previous encounters with both sides making errors.

That was out 4th defeat by a score this season, and shows how tight it is and how closely contested the league is.

We have been working on converting time in the oppositions 22m line into points, and a big positive was we scored 4 tries after spending time in Llandovery’s 22m

On the same note we need to make it harder for teams scoring when they get into 22m.  Make these changes and 4 defeats become wins.

Playing Pony at Sardis Road is never easy, but we have enjoyed the games there in the past, so we head down confident whilst knowing it will come down to our performance levels"