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New Recruits From the Academy

New Recruits From the Academy 31 Jul 2019

Stepping up from the Academy

As we head into the new season, another batch of Academy players have made the step up to Senior Training and put a marker down in terms of breaking into the team.

Josh Leach - RGC Academy Manager. - This has been the final week of Phase 1 of the Seniors preseason. Gaz Whittaker has taken the lead on a lot of the training, conditioning the players to a level that allows us to play fast, and push the physical demands of Premiership rugby. For the more experienced players in the squad, the sound of Gaz's voice chasing them around Eirias is fairly familiar, but for the four players coming up from last years Junior Academy it has probably come as bit of a shock. Whilst Pedr Jones, Oscar Crowe, Matt Buchanan, and Sam Earl-Jones got a small taste of the Premiership rugby towards the end of last season, the gradual realisation of the step up from Regional Age Grade rugby is potentially quite daunting."

"For these boys to achieve the physical conditioning and level of skill required to play the game the way we want to, they really will have to push themselves constantly in order to improve and compete with the more experienced players around them. Already we can see improvements in their abilities. They are having to work harder and learn faster, with more Senior players challenging them, encouraging them, and holding them accountable for their contribution to the team. "

"Ultimately, it will be their response to the challenges that lie ahead of them that will determine how fast, and how far they progress."