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Bagshaw - Winning Away

Bagshaw - Winning Away 20 Feb 2020

RGC have another weekend of no rugby, before the season kicks in again with a trip to Swansea on February 29th.

The Gogs will be looking to build on the draw against Quins, in which Afon Bagshaw made his 150th appearance for the region

"The conditions played a huge part last week, so overall coming away with a draw was probably the fair result.

It is pretty tight around the top 8 sides at the moment, and with everyone having played a different amount of games you spend hours trying to work out what might happen.  

For us it is just focusing on the games we have, and the next 3 will be tough as they are all on the road.  If we are to finish in the top 6 then we need to win away, as its 2 home games and 5 away games remaining.  

Our performances on the road have been mixed this season, and sometimes it has come down to our game management so that is something we have been working on, especially that emotional control at key points.

The Quins game showed some of that, as we could have let them get away after the opening 20 minutes, but adapted to the weather and in the 2nd half looked the stronger side."