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Ceri Jones: Lessons to Learn

Ceri Jones: Lessons to Learn 11 Dec 2021

Head Coach Ceri Jones will regroup with the players, as they look to learn the lessons from the Llandovery defeat.

"In the first half they played the conditions far better and that set them in a good position for the second half. That said we did create some opportunities in that opening half but didn't take advantage, and picked the wrong option at key times

No matter who you play, it is always going to be difficult to win a game in these conditions when the lineout doesn't perform and then you add in the indiscipline, well it's even more of a challenge.

The past couple of away games we conceded less than 10 penalties, today 20 plus which tells a story. Not keeping hold of the ball also cost us. At times we defended manfully but you can't defend for such large amounts of the game and  not end up conceeding.

We go away and learn from this,  we have done it before so we need to do it again this week."