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Yardley Moving On

Yardley Moving On 18 May 2019

Yardley moves to Cardiff

RGC Co-Captain Evan Yardley picked up the supporters player of the year award and it was a fitting way for him to end the season, as the hooker will be joining Cardiff.

“My time in North Wales has been such an incredible journey from when I first moved up here playing in the Championship with the likes of Bryn Williams, Kelvin Davies, RCJ, James Lang, Tiaan Loots, Afon Bagshaw,  and was so enjoyable to be a part of.

I’ve been here for long enough to see RGC grow as a team and organisation and it’s a really special club to be a part of.

Some stand out moments would be the promotion into the Premiership and obviously, the cup was incredible as well.

My time hasn’t always been plane sailing and if I’m honest it has been quite difficult being away from my family but North Wales has become my second home.   The players that I’ve played and lived with made it such an amazing life experience, I am grateful for the opportunity!

It is a massive chapter in my life which I can look back on with amazing memories and I honestly hope one day professional rugby comes to North Wales because the appetite for rugby is tremendous. The fans have made it so special travelling away and at home, there is no place to play rugby better than Eirias.

I just want to thank everyone who has helped me in North Wales”

RGC wish Evan well in the next chapter in his rugby career, and of course he has left a huge impression both on and off the field.