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Social Casino Apps VS Casinos on Real Money

Which of these casinos is better? Today, in the Social Casino, you can play games such as roulette, slot machines, poker and club from your phone or computer, and you will not lose any money at all! And although many people like to play in online casinos, not everyone likes to bet on their hard-earned money! That's why the developers of casino games have introduced a social casino. These casinos allow players to have fun playing games for fun. But what else do you know about social casinos besides the lack of risk?

What is Social Casino?

A social casino is an online casino site or app that allows players to access popular casino games such as slot machines, video poker, blackjack, and roulette with their online friends. You can play in social casinos by downloading mobile or desktop apps or using a browser. But despite the name, social casino players do not bet on real money. In other words, these casinos are for entertainment purposes only.

At the same time, legality is one of the main problems that almost all online casino players face. Although gambling is legal in most countries, most governments do not allow online betting. For example, at least half of the US states have not yet legalized online betting.

Fortunately, social casinos go unnoticed. At the end of the day, it's just about entertainment and social elements. As I said, you can't bet with real money and you can't win real money at these casinos. Instead, players buy tokens to achieve goals and gain recognition. Generally speaking, social casinos are only for entertainment.

By the way, the biggest difference between online and social casinos is that the former offers gambling for real money, while the latter is mainly for entertainment. Also, playing at social casinos is a great way to hone your gaming skills, as they have no legal jurisdiction and offer a wider selection of games. But always remember that any game in the casino should be first and foremost fun. So have fun and play responsibly!

Kinds of Social Casino Apps

The types of Social Casino apps are similar to regular online casinos. The applications of such casinos are perfectly adapted to the phone, so they are quite light, so they work much faster than if we tried to control them from the browser.

We can play at the casino at any time of the day or night and from anywhere. The only requirement is Internet access. Thanks to this, standing in line or on the tram, we can play several rounds on your favorite slot.

Social online casinos on the phone are specially prepared from the point of view of security - of course, provided that we use the official casino app.

Mobile casinos also have promotions, which we will regularly notify you about. Thanks to this, we will not forget about the weekly bonus, whether we miss the new Christmas bonus.

Of course, the social casino apps have adapted mobile games. And don't worry that you won't find your favorite there - game makers have also long recognized the importance of mobile devices, and almost every game has a phone counterpart.

Saved all the casino options that you know from your browser, the best mobile casinos. However, they are adapted so that they can be conveniently controlled on the touch screen, each of them is large, legible and easy to start. This increases the comfort of using the casino on your phone.

Mobile Apps

Installing a mobile app is extremely simple:

Find a suitable social online casino - if you don't have your own casino yet, be sure to use our list of proven online casinos with mobile apps.

Download the app. You can do this in two ways:

-         by downloading it from the online casino website-by clicking on the corresponding link.

-         By downloading it from the app store that supports your system (on Android, it's Google Play, and on iOS, the App Store). In the app store, you need to find the app of the selected casino (such an app will always be marked as official - be careful not to download fakes!

If you don't have an account yet, the next step is to register with the casino as a new user. However, if you already have a casino account - you don't need to create a new one! You can log in immediately.

Now you just have to choose your favorite game from the catalog!

And that's it - now you can play.

Facebook Apps

Using the online casino in the Facebook version is the next step after moving the casino world to the Internet. There is no doubt that the applications provide you with full mobility, a lot of features and often additional bonuses that are not available in the full versions of the site.

Many companies realize that casino games on Facebook through mobile devices are the future, so they are dynamically developing their products.

On the other hand, the default versions of the site still provide maximum security and the full range of games offered. Mobile casino apps don't always work perfectly, and the technology continues to improve. Therefore, the final choice is left to the players, as it usually depends on individual preferences.

Such casinos often offer better bonuses than the home pages. In this way, companies try to encourage players to use their apps and mobile versions of the site.

However, if you are looking for an alternative and live abroad, be sure to check out the reviews of other online casinos. Many of them have websites that are also available on mobile devices.

Facebook casino app bonuses are one of the first factors you will pay attention to when creating a new account. They determine the attractiveness of a particular operator. Is it worth creating an account in the long run? It's good to do a light analysis at the very beginning, check the competition, and see which brands offer us as much as possible. In this short article, we decided to introduce you to the key issues of this topic. There will be a welcome casino promotion, as well as all the ones we will encounter later in our game. We invite you to read and at the same time remind you to always read the rules of an event, thanks to this, the fun is transparent, and we can only focus on the most important thing: entertainment!

You will also get the first bonus. This is the first action. The Casino Welcome Bonus is designed for players who don't have an account yet and are just wondering if it's worth creating one. This online bonus is an interesting introduction that is impossible to miss. Most often, it looks like that on the first deposit you get 100% more payouts, for example, up to a thousand zlotys. These values may change, so it is recommended to read the topic carefully and check out the brands that theoretically offer the best deals. Often, the action can be extended, so that you get a bonus not from one, but, for example, from as many as four subsequent deposits. The values usually indicate different percentages: 100, 50, 750, even 200! This way you will get 5000 rubles, although some social casinos do not limit these values and do not add a maximum ratio. You can get free spins for signing up through the app, although this is a form of bonus available to only a few. At the same time, the rules should be extremely simple: the amount of turnover, the time that you have for this, the minimum bets in the game, usually spinning. This is an introduction that does not make sense to skip, because, for example, it will allow you to play for two thousand with a deal of 100% and 1000 rubles!

Is the Facebook Casino app safe? Yes. It has all the necessary security measures, and the operators take care of the protection of personal and payment data.

And now let's move on to the security itself. Undoubtedly, the concerns about the safe use of Facebook casinos are related to ignorance and fear of losing money and money transactions with foreign companies.

The most important aspect when choosing the most secure Facebook casino app for yourself is the brand name. All you have to do is check the opinions about a particular casino on the Internet or suggest the information contained in the reviews or rating of the casino.

You should also consider checking the exact information about the casino licenses. Most online casinos have licenses issued by the European Union or the countries in which they are located.

If you are worried about choosing the best Facebook social casino app, just bet on those brands that have been present on the market for many years. This is a much better and safer solution than choosing a brand new casino on the market. It is also good to use those casinos that offer Polish versions of the site, which makes it easier to navigate, communicate and understand all the content on the site.

Data Security in the Facebook Casino online app - Data security in the casino is very important. There are many myths according to which casinos deceive their customers, sell data to other agencies, or do not properly protect the data and money in the account.

You don't need to worry about any of the threats mentioned above. Every Facebook application of the social online casino is interested not only in the player registering in the system and playing at the casino, but also to stay with it as long as possible. This would not be possible at all without proper safeguards. It is widely known that the power of the Internet is immense, and any fraud or wrongdoing on the part of the casino will be immediately reported on forums or in the media. Therefore, online casinos take care of the maximum security of data or money transactions. Therefore, they use the latest security solutions on a daily basis.


How to choose the best social online casino? Most of these casinos have a spectacular demonstration of what they offer, which makes browsing the pages incredibly fun. However, from time to time, you may encounter conflicting elements that seem rushed. These are the ones you should avoid. Identifying a favorite isn't always easy, but we've prepared a clear set of rules for you to follow.

Make sure you play at a licensed and regulated social casino.

When wagering money online, safety always comes first, so let's start with the basics of casino licensing and regulation. Admittedly, on a global scale, the whole concept of the legality of online gambling is a bit "touch-and-go". This is perfectly legal and very well regulated in some countries, in others-the government still does not have a firm position, so the best online casinos draw a fine line between customer service and avoiding legal problems. There are also jurisdictions that clearly state that gambling is illegal, and even customers, not just operators, face a fine for engaging in such activities.

Simply put, good operators are licensed, and bad operators are unlicensed, so it's easy to distinguish good operators from bad ones. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see several security networks that will protect your hard-earned money. Look for the logo of the UK Gambling Commission or certain jurisdictions on its white list, such as Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Antigua and Barbuda and others. You may encounter other licensing and regulatory authorities, such as the Kahnawake Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority. Recently launched sites often display the Curacao eGaming license.

Security should be at the top of your list when searching for the best online casino.

Before registering and depositing funds to the casino wallet, you should check how your personal and financial data will be processed. Licensed and regulated online casinos offer the highest level of protection thanks to advanced encryption, secure servers, and firewalls. Before registering, posting, or sharing any personal or financial information on the site, always look for the secure connection symbol in the address bar and check what security protocols the site uses. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the most popular protocols that provide secure data processing, so if a casino has such a certificate, you can be sure that all sensitive data is processed safely.

The encrypted connection between the browser and the server, which is provided by SSL / TLS, protects all data from malicious actions of third parties. Speaking of third parties, not all of them have to be malicious. On the contrary, independent third-party organizations are responsible for testing and ensuring the correct operation of the random number generator in the casino, which guarantees a fair and unbiased result for virtual games. Agencies such as iTech Labs and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) certify the best casinos, which, in turn, regularly publish test reports. These reports also provide information about the casino's gaming excellence, ensuring that table games and slots are fair to all parties involved.

All social casino sites shower you with bonuses, one-time offers, exclusive offers, and daily cash rewards. You will succeed if you use the most promising ones. However, the idea of immediate profit or huge wealth should not blind you. Pay attention to the so-called betting requirements, which determine when and how your bonus will be credited to you.

All good online casinos will make sure that their requirements are listed and well explained. To common shortcomings of bonuses are the players who often forget the date of expiry of validity period (from one week to several months). Another problem is that there is a pass requirement that requires you to bet your bonus (and possibly the deposit amount) a certain number of times - 25 or more. If you try to withdraw money in advance, you may lose this amount!

Also, social casino sites deal with random profitable trading, and there are no two ways to do this. However, they do so with concern for the well-being of their players. The responsible game will be displayed in the footer of each online casino with the highest rating.

There are a number of measures being taken to stop the destructive gambling behavior . From evicting minors to using sophisticated algorithms to identify players who are carelessly spending money. Simply put, even the best online casino will be pleased if someone loses the pot. But on the other hand, they would raise an eyebrow suspiciously if this person was still going crazy in a hurry. Yes, your certified operator will make a conscious effort to identify not only strong players, but also players who grossly abuse their funds.

What's more, online gambling sites will also direct you to free hotlines where you can get help if you feel like you're falling into recklessness. If you feel that the temptation is too great, you can always contact customer support with a request to limit your right to participate in bets. You will still be able to withdraw any winnings.

By the way, free spins without a deposit in a social casino is one of the opportunities that appear in such casinos. Agree, this is one of the most favorite actions that you can find on the Web. Free spins sets can help and support the player a lot. Based on this, you get from a few to several hundred spins for free, of course, subject to certain assumptions. Thanks to this, you can win a lot, although some brands decide to impose restrictions so that the winnings do not exceed, for example, 50 euros. In any case, this is a great solution, which is often implemented during the release of this game from Microgaming or NetEnt. You will get to know her, even without incurring your own costs.

Most popular Social Casino Games

If you are a beginner, then you can call roulette the best for you. However, in addition to Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo and many others, there is an adventure style of games developed by industry-recognized social casino names. Undoubtedly, the choice of a social casino games depends on how good the games themselves are.

You can choose from all types of social casino apps, including table games, live games, video poker, jackpots, slot machines, and entertainment games for the general user. Also, if you play at a decent casino, you won't have to worry about whether the game will launch on your smartphone, for example.

Another commendable step from the best social online casinos is the availability of demo versions. Many operators allow you to cut your teeth in their free training versions, where you don't have to pay a dime and understand how the gaming equipment actually works. Social casino slots is a great way to pass the time, and if you're preparing for a great future in online gaming, it's a decent way to gain an edge over your home.

Progressive jackpots are popular social casino slot machines that often accumulate staggering amounts. Social casino definition is you can turn a penny into a fortune. Sometimes someone wins and the counters are reset. It may take them some time to accumulate enviable amounts again, but inevitably this happens.


Slots are undoubtedly the most popular segment of games. They are entertaining and funny. Some of the most attractive games constantly remind you of your success, even if your bankroll is really growing. It seems to be a very rewarding experience, which is why most casino customers choose it.

By the way, slot games on Facebook often give you the opportunity to return at least part of the invested funds. Thanks to this, you can return up to 25%, for example, up to 1000 rubles. This is an interesting solution that also allows you to get away from previous failures, and the whole system increases the fun. It can be used from time to time, and the summary is most often done at the end of the month.

Table games

Board games usually attract more discerning players. Most often, you buy basic products, including blackjack, three-card, video poker, baccarat, and roulette in all their variants. In board games, you will not get as many bonuses and rewards as in slot machines.

Advantages of Social Casino Apps

Social gambling on your phone or PC is definitely a decent choice for those of you who are less likely to spend money on real bets.

If you like to have fun while commuting to work or just have some free time to kill, this option may suit you. Plus, you can brag to your friends and inevitably post your exploits on social media. Social casino is definitely an interesting way to experience the real gambling without the risk of hard currency.

The real casino atmosphere - the atmosphere of a land-based casino is difficult to recreate on the Internet. Dealers, other players, the charm of this place creates excitement and unique impressions. However, live casino games go to great lengths to bridge the gap between the online and land-based experience. Playing games with dealers that you can chat with while playing gives you as close to a real casino experience as possible.

Winnings are paid out immediately - when you win at the casino, you can cash out your chips and immediately walk away with your winnings. This is not possible when playing online . Due to the processing time associated with different payment methods, your withdrawal may be credited to the online casino. To be honest, this is not a major inconvenience, but it is an area where real casinos outperform online casinos.

More Social Interaction - When you go out for an evening at the casino, you can chat and connect with other people. It's a fun environment to connect with new people. Of course, you can participate in online multiplayer games and live games where you can chat with others, but it doesn't provide the same social experience as face-to-face communication.


In this comprehensive description of the intricacies of social online casinos, we have covered a few basic aspects that can serve as your guide to the games in search of a great casino experience, ensuring that you make your next bet with little waiting. Of course, each issue we discuss at best provides a balance between identifying winning casino gaming strategies, entertainment value, and understanding the metrics used in online casinos.

So, if you like to try your luck and are fascinated by the idea of increasing your wealth, use the excellent guide to choosing a private, safe and reliable social casino. It will allow you to earn good money!