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RGC Welcome Will to Coaching Set Up

RGC Welcome Will to Coaching Set Up 26 Apr 2021

Will Cusack joins to head up Strength and Conditioning at RGC.

The players will have a new voice when they enter the gym this season, as we welcome Lead Regional Strength and Conditioning Will Cusack to the coaching set-up. The 25-year-old joins from Cardiff Blues Academy, as well as bringing experience from Wales 7s and U18s. Will will lead on the physical development of Premiership and Senior Academy players, whilst overseeing the delivery of athletic development programmes throughout RGC's Performance Pathway.

“I am coming into a programme that has great foundations, Gaz Whittaker left the programme in a very good place. Having worked at Cardiff Blues Academy and Cardiff RFC in the Premiership I understand that balance of developing future professional players, along with players who have full-time work commitments.  

From a personal point of view, it is an exciting time to join RGC. Due to the long break, we have a clean slate, players are fresh and excited to return, and we have a long pre-season window. I will be able to chuck some stress into the gym programmes, which is usually difficult once games start.

I know RGC's aim has always been to develop future professional players, and from a Strength and Conditioning point of view I will look to continue that work and ethos.

Having looked around I know the facilities at Parc Eirias are fantastic, and when you add the local surroundings, and the time we will have to work with the players this summer, it’s exciting and I can’t wait to get going”

RGC Performance Manager Josh Leach believes this is the start of the next phase of RGC’s journey -

“A huge amount of effort and hard work from many people and organisations, particularly Conwy County Borough Council and the Welsh Rugby Union, has gone into the establishment and development of RGC and the North Wales Development Region over the past 10 years. We have seen much success along the way, with promotions, a National Cup win, and numerous players and staff moving into the professional game. This pandemic has presented an opportunity to review and restructure a few things behind the scenes and will see a fresh start going into the 2021/22 Season. Will is the first member of the new Premiership and Senior Academy Staff to be appointed, and the recruitment process for the Head Coach and Performance Analyst roles are ongoing.

Will has a lot of experience for someone relatively early in his career, and having worked in a similar role in Cardiff he will bring a new perspective to our programmes. Will has worked with a few of our players before, within National or Regional teams, and all have spoken highly of him as an S&C coach and highlighted how much energy he can bring to the team. We welcome Will to North Wales, and look forward to seeing his impact on the programme over the next few years."