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Ceri Jones: Defence Effort Crucial in Win

Ceri Jones: Defence Effort Crucial in Win 13 Nov 2021

Head Coach Ceri Jones gave praise to his side's defence in the second half "We spoke at halftime about putting as much effort into our defence as we did in our attack, and we showed that during the opening spell after half-time. Newport had multiple phases and we defended hard and came away with the ball. When we did that I knew we would go on and win.  I said to the boys you can't expect to turn up and win on the road, the effort to pick up results on the road is huge.

As a group we will always create chances but to progress, it is about dealing with challenges and adversity in games, and today under pressure we coped well. Again today we had a few boys out, but the fact players like Billy McQueeny comes in, and in his first full week of training puts in a performance like Joe Simpson and Jordan Jones coming on had an impact.

I am excited about where we go from here in the next few weeks in the cup competition and then heading into the start of the league."