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Aberavon: Thoughts from the sidelines

Aberavon: Thoughts from the sidelines 12 Dec 2019

RGC will be looking to sign of their last home game of the year with a win against Aberavon.

Coaches Latham Tawhai and Saul Nelson want the players to build on the win away last week at Bridgend.

Saul Nelson - "The Bridgend game last week was a performance we have building for a number of weeks in many respects.  The way in which the players had prepared for the game was pretty impressive and It’s nice to see the whole group coming together and producing the rugby they are at times. "

"To come away knowing we had played well for large periods of the game and not pick up a try bonus point is pretty frustrating as it was definitely there for the taking, but if we wish to keep progressing then we have to be far more ruthless when we create those chances."

"Looking ahead to Aberavon, we have to respect the brand of rugby they play as they have a good pack and dangerous backline but this week's preparation has been concentrating on us and controlling the things we can."

"I am very pleased with the manner in which the forwards are progressing to date but I am also well aware of the potential this group has.  Vince Lombardi once said, 'we will chase perfection and chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it.  But along the way, we will catch excellence' " 

Latham Tawhai knows that Aberavon offer a lot on Saturday 

"Aberavon pose a big challenge for us this week, probably one of the biggest of the season so far. They are a very good side that have threats right across the park. They have quality at the set-piece, at the breakdown, they don’t concede many tries, and they like to throw the ball about with a good offload game. Crazy as it sounds, the bigger the game the more up for it the boys are so this week is one we’re really looking forward to."

"As we head towards the halfway point of the season a big positive would be where we are on the table, especially given how young this side is. Maybe on average the youngest in the league!"

"There is no doubt we have left plenty of points out on the field and probably conceded some soft tries at times but that’s part of the learning process for us, acknowledging that and identifying those areas for improvement. That’s been the big shift I’ve noticed in recent weeks, the mindset to be better, that we CAN be better. Understanding that the review process is not about criticising one another but identifying areas for improvement. We’ve always had it as an underlying theme within the organisation but recently, the boys have taken more accountability and responsibility for it and to be fair, have been tremendous. That‘s all we ask for as coaches and what we also strive for as coaches – being better than the day or week before so hopefully, the boys can reap some rewards from their good work."