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200 for Andrew Williams - Memories

200 for Andrew Williams - Memories 9 Feb 2022

After Andrew Williams reaches the 200 appearances milestone, we asked him to pick his top 10 favourite highlights.

Taid’s Top 10 RGC Memories

1 - RGC vs Wales

Not many can say that they’ve captained a side against your country, this was a truly unique moment that from a personal perspective is very hard to beat.


2 - National Cup Win

If it wasn’t for the Wales game this would’ve been hands down number 1. The game itself speaks for itself but it was such an emotional moment walking out with your mates and my daughter. A memory to last a lifetime.


3 - The win at Pontypool Park

It was a game that had so much at stake. We knew that a defeat would spell the end of our promotion hopes and leave us in the Championship for another 2/3 years. We duly delivered and the celebrations in front of the bank at full time were brilliant.


4 - Promotion at Glynneath

Such a fantastic celebration of years of hard work. The game itself wasn’t much of a spectacle but the party afterwards was something else.


5 - Merthyr Semi

The ending to that match was nothing short of sensational! Down and out, needing to regather the restart to have a chance! I’ll always remember “Sam Jones yn y gornel!!”


6 - First Premiership Try Pontypridd home

3,500 fans with good old Nigel in charge, it was a great win first and foremost but I was buzzing to score my first premiership try.


7 - Ystrad Rhondda home

Another must-win match, we were neck and neck in the league and knew that nothing else but a win would do! Scores a cheeky try in a hard-fought win!


8 - Llandovery QF

The cup run was full of memories and last-minute drama! This was the game that started it all off! It had absolutely everything but the main memory is lying at the bottom of the ruck and Worthy diving over to score the winner in the dying moments!


9 - Neath Away in the Cup

Our first scalp and the catalyst to believing that we could complete ar premiership level! We scored some absolute stunning tries as well, which we has become synonymous with the RGC way!


10 - Division One East Bus Journeys

I’ll leave that on me to the imagination!!